Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama losing his base? Dream on

MoveOn Director Justin Ruben told the Washington Post that liberals are upset with Obama and "the base could well stay home in 2012." Got that? Now, here are the facts. Steve Kornacki (Salon): "Gallup's latest poll has Obama's approval among Democrats at 80 percent. An NBC/Wall Street Journal survey released last week put it at 83 percent -- with a score of 79 percent among liberals. We have heard expressions of outrage from left-of-center commentators about how Obama has sold out his old base -- but that base, by all appearance, remains very much intact. [Yes, Dems may differ on policy specifics, but ...] What they do feel strongly about is a more basic and personal question: Do they like President Obama? The answer to this, when it comes to the Democratic base, has and continues to be an overwhelming YES." Translation: The base will show up for Obama. If Mr. Ruben doesn't have a dog, Election Day 2012 could be a lonely one for him.

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