Monday, April 25, 2011

The tragically hip Mac user

Mac vs. PC. I thought we were past this. The Daily Dish flagged a recent "Hunch Blog" survey that analyzed how self-described Mac and PC people are different. My knee-jerk response is: who cares? Hunch patrons reacted in a similar vein. "Hunch users tend to think debates about operating systems are pointless, but Mac people are more likely to think weighing the merits of Mac vs. PC vs. Linux is important," wrote the survey headmaster, a self-described Mac person. It turns out most Hunch readers (52%) are PC users. Apple's estimated world share of operating systems is about 11%, a figure that has changed little since the 80s. Bill Gates and his PC Windows won. Game. Set. Match. Decades ago. Yet Mac cultists, a needy lot, remain in perpetual denial over this tragedy. Needless to say, the survey found that Mac people are hipper than Microsofties. What a surprise. Dear Mr. Gates: Even if it takes a symbolic surrender ceremony aboard the USS Missoui to make it stop, please do it. PC people will be eternally grateful.

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