Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good point

"Actually and quietly and gallingly for some," writes Alex Massie, people are indeed interested in the royal wedding. Half of England (some 47% if the polls are right) plan to watch the nuptials. So will millions in America and much of the world. This being the case, Massie says, "it's daft to complain about too much coverage. ... It's a big world out there and there's plenty of room for those who want no part of any of it and plenty of TV channels for them to watch too. But the suggestion, implicit in some of the commentary, that few people are interested in the wedding is not supported by the facts. On the contrary, few events are followed by as many people. That's the real story and it's a much stranger, more interesting, more human one than the idea that people aren't or shouldn't be interested in this." Massie is probably right. Or as Matt Yglesias put it, "You don’t need to be a nihilist to want to watch a spectacle, you just need to be a human being." In the end, this is an instance when it's best to simply bow to the absurd and offer two words: mazel tov.

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