Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting royally 'inceptioned'

The Washington Post reports that Londoner Samantha Sylvester does not buy tabloids or watch television. She is uninterested in the royal wedding and has no plans to watch it. And yet, “Apparently, at 10:51, she’ll be leaving for the church,” Sylvester, a medical student, tells her friends while picnicking in Green Park. She pauses and looks horrified. “God, why do I know this?” Osmosis. Absorption. Subliminal messaging. Somehow, the Post's reporter writes, details about the wedding have hunted Sylvester down, "as they have hunted everyone else in this country. Inceptioned her like nobody’s business. Leonardo DiCaprio revealed Kate Middleton’s travel route to Sylvester in a dreamscape three levels down." Blimey. And I thought it was bad here.

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