Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why 'main street' may back Trump

David Frum has a depressing piece about why older white Republicans (who he casts as "main street" America) might find Donald Trump appealing despite his obvious flaws. He walks us through what Mr. 62-year-old White Guy is now thinking. Though I think Frum is oversimplifying, his analysis rings with enough truth to give it an unsettling degree of validity. He suggests that these folks are mostly motivated by two things: anxiety over their financial future and hatred of Obama. In Frum's view, they are unimpressed with Romney (whom they regard as a milquetoast) and think only someone like Trump, warts and all, can stick it to the president in 2012. His take on the "racial thing" is particularly telling (these folks claim not to be racist but think Obama is "uppity"). Anyway, if you're seeking a blue mood, read Frum's piece here. I hope Frum is wrong. But if he's right, it's a sad commentary on a certain segment of America.

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