Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gotcha, dead to rights, again

Last night, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) appeared on "The Sean Hannity Show" and boldly accused Fox News of regularly inciting islamophobia and racial/ethnic animosity. Naturally, Hannity took great umbrage: "This is an incredible charge, this is a charge of bigotry! [...] I’m offended by what you say ... nothing is further from the truth, and I’d like one example." Just gimme a single example! Well, Sean, if you really insist.

Here are Exhibits A, B and C, courtesy of
- Fox Host John Gibson Said We “Need More Babies” Because The Majority Of Americans May Be Hispanic In 25 Years [5/12/06]

- Fox Host Steve Doocy Claimed Barack Obama Went To A “Madrassa” And Was Possibly A Muslim Extremist [1/19/07]

- Fox Host Sean Hannity Repeatedly Suggested That Middle East Uprisings Are Signs Of “World War III” [2/8/11, 2/10/11, 2/22/11]
Those are just three examples. Think Progress has more documented evidence here. If they had the time or inclination, there's little doubt they could fill a book with more examples. As the facts have proven once again, Hannity is nothing more than a clown who manages to give even clowns a bad name.

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