Thursday, April 21, 2011

'This Independent is done'

A Daily Dish reader on the GOP's embrace of birtherism:
"They played with this. They indulged it. They poured resources into the tawdry pols who would smile upon it, or insinuate it when they weren't downright trumpeting it from their podiums and microphones. They chose to do this and then realized that they might have a little problem with this parasitic thing that they seeded. And it's their problem. To vote for them would make it mine. No thank you."

"There is no policy idea or politician they can shine up that would appeal to me at this point, because they have taken their party right into the dirt with this birther business. Those who didn't participate also didn't make efforts to put a stop to it. Those would divest themselves of responsibility now are the worst culprits of all. If you dabble with racism - then you are a racist."

"And last time I checked? You don't win elections without Independents. This Independent is done with them. You might as well ask me to vote for the Klan."
It would not surprise me if more and more Americans are quietly adopting some version of this view, regardless of political stripe. What goes around, comes around.

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