Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The freak show rolls on

Charlie Sheen showed up in DC yesterday to continue his pity tour. Here's how a Washington Post reporter captured the scene: "A couple of thousand people were held hostage by Charlie Sheen’s ego Tuesday night in an auditorium named after the female descendants of the American Revolution, half a mile from the World War II Memorial in the capital of the free world. This prompts an icky existential question: If the abusive ex-star of a CBS sitcom can compel a legion of citizens to pay $104.25 apiece to be doused in cultural bile, is the free world a little too free?" Exactly. Next, observe the fellow behind the taunt-faced Sheen in the photo. He's either an assistant, confidante - or a hit man. I'm guessing he's a 50-something guy who just flew in from circa 1975. The dyed jet-black hair, gold neck chains, open-collared shirt and orange leather jacket seem to confirm my thesis. He's also a fitting coda for Sheen World. As for who in their right mind would cough up $104.25 to see Sheen spout "winning," here's the answer: “I came here to see [him] on an extended loop and be both horrified and entertained,” said a 34-year-old lobbyist who the Post said declined to give her name because she’s a “professional girl” who “cares about my future.” Lovely.

(Photo Credit: Mark Gail / The Washington Post)

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