Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to look foolish in public

Eric Alterman (The Daily Beast): "Obama is apparently giving every indication that ... He’d like to inflict a little more punishment on his own side in the course of yet another cave-in on the question of raising the debt limit. The only question, as the president prepares to address the country on the issue, is, “who is going to take it on the chin this time?” Well, Obama gave the speech. He didn't cave. "The opposite happened -- this was a full-throated condemnation, not just of the radical Paul Ryan plan, but of the far-right goals it intends to pursue," wrote the Washington Monthly. So, tell us again, who's going to "take it on the chin?" Looks like you, Mr. Alterman. And speaking of chins, next time, don't lead with it. ;-)

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