Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tweeting ad nauseum

A spot-on observation by New York magazine writer Noreen Malone:
"If you're a committed or even occasional user of Twitter, you may have noticed that there are certain times when it seems as if every single user is tweeting, ad nauseum, about the same. exact. thing. Last night, for instance, as Super Tuesday results were announced, was one of those times. Today's press conference about Apple's iPad3 was another of those times. You log on for links to and commentary on a variety of things happening all over, the proverbial cocktail party full of interesting guests. Instead, on these occasions, what you get is a chanting game-night sports bar full of lurching, excitable, group-thinking, impulse-control-free, perspective-challenged drunks."
Preach it, sister. I glad somebody is.

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