Monday, March 5, 2012

Does politics make you stupid?

No, running for political office does not make you stupid. It just makes otherwise smart folks do stupid things to win. The latest case is Wendy Rogers, a local Phoenix woman who just announced she's running for Congress as a Republican. Rogers, a retired Air Force officer-pilot (she flew cargo jets), owns a BA and two master degrees. She's no dummy. Per the Arizona Republic, she touts her "20-year military career, ownership of a small business and experience as a mother and grandmother." It's unclear what those last two qualifications have to do with the price of eggs, but whatever. Near as I can tell, Rogers is a cookie-cutter Republican. Whatever the Dems are for, she's against. Beyond a recitation of her military service record, Rogers' bio page makes certain that you know she "believes in the goodness of America" and "homeschooled" her children during their elementary years. These, of course, are dog-whistles to the rabid conservative base to whom Rogers is pandering. Like I said, stupid is as stupid does. I kid the would-be congresswoman, of course. Though Rogers is no Abigail Adams, she isn't stupid. She just feels it's necessary to grovel like she is. Wouldn't it be nice if politicians could tout integrity, intelligence, vision and ability to work effectively with others as the primary qualifications for office? Yeah, yeah, I know. I must be in the grip of a fever dream.

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