Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rush swung at wrong target

FOR THE RECORD, Rush Limbaugh's recent 'slut' remarks were reprehensible. He deserves the scorn being heaped on him daily. That said, his loutish insults could have been leveled at a target that probably merits them. As of this writing, some 46 advertisers have jumped ship from the S.S. Dittohead. They include the likes of Allstate Insurance, Capital One, Carbonite, Girl Scouts of Oregon, Norway Savings Bank, Philadelphia Orchestra, ProFlowers, and other upstanding corporate denizens. But I have to ask: Why were they advertising with Limbaugh in the first place? Now, I'll cut the innocent Girl Scouts of Oregon some slack, "for they know not what they do," presumably. (Whichever Madison Avenue firm doing their promotional bidding ought to be keelhauled and fired.) The rest, however, are just a bunch of whores. Clearly, they'll hop into bed with almost anybody -- even Limbaugh the Boor -- to peddle their wares. Now, of course, they're scurrying out like their "Johns" after a vice bust, and belatedly coming to Jesus to boot. But that's only because the media limelight caught them lounging in Rush's radioland boudoir for cash. Sad, ain't it?

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