Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gimme that old time corporate religion

Well, I see wiser heads prevailed at the Arizona Legislature. The Senate killed the controversial contraception bill this afternoon (though the betting is that will reanimate itself, zombie-like, at least once). The Arizona Capitol Times had a humorous postscript. To set the scene, Democratic Sen. Linda Lopez became exasperated with Republican Sen. Nancy Barto (a big-time pro-lifer) for wasting the Senate's time with the measure.

The Cap Times wrote:
And just to hammer home her point about the need for lawmakers to focus on more pressing issues, Lopez asked: “Can you tell me how many jobs this is going to create in Arizona?” Barto said she can’t say, but the legislation sends a signal to businesses that Arizona will respect their religious views, and that may attract them to the state.
Really? Wow. I've worked for a few firms in my time. But I never knew any of them had "religious views." But since Mitt Romney says corporations are people, too, I wonder if they know which denominations they belong to. I bet IBM is Roman Catholic. Walmart strikes me as Baptist. Apple? Definitely a bunch of atheists. My, my – how on earth did we get here? I kid Sen. Barto, of course. Still, wow.

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