Thursday, March 22, 2012

Etch-A-Sketching A Migraine

When Bloomberg News asked Ohio Art Co., the maker of Etch A Sketch, which way the firm leaned politically, spokesman Martin Killgallon said: “Etch A Sketch has right- and left-hand knobs. We speak to both parties. And together we can draw circles.” Heh. Priceless.

File Under "Too Much Information": Per Bloomberg, the Etch A Sketch toy was invented by Andre Cassagnes in the late 1950s. The French electrician’s original version, called the Telecran, used a joystick, glass and aluminum powder. Ohio Art then bought the rights. And for those of you just returning from a desert island and didn't hear the news, here's a smart take on the Romney "Etch A Sketch" kerfuffle. That, too, is priceless.

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