Thursday, February 3, 2011

When Huntsman hearted Palin

Here are the golden words of ex-Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (soon to be ex-Ambassador to China and possible 2012 presidential contender) at the 2008 Republican Convention:
“Hockey moms of the world, unite! [Appaluse] History will be made tonight and her name is SARAH PALIN! [Applause] Yes -- Sarah, Sarah, SARAH! In a world of artificiality, we are looking for originality. We are looking for authenticity. We are looking for a rebel, a renegade. We are looking for SARAH!”
That's right, folks. Huntsman gave the offcial nominating speech for Palin. What's worse, his voice kept breaking like a nervous teenager as he mouthed the words. And they call this guy charismatic? Kudos to Politico for flagging this jewel. I had completely forgotten about it. I bet Huntsman wishes everyone had. But, too late: It's all over cable news and the blogs today and henceforth will live in infamy for as long as there are servers with the YouTube clip. Welcome to the political big leagues, Mr. Ambassador. Heh.

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