Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Confession? There's an app for that

"Forgive Me, Father, for I Have Linked." That's the headline for Maureen Dowd's clever column about a new iPhone app for Catholic confession.

She writes: "Confession: a Roman Catholic App is not a session with a virtual priest who restores your virtue with a penance of three Hail Mary’s and three extra gigabytes of memory. Rather, its developers say, it’s a 'baby steps' program that walks you through the Ten Commandments, your examination of conscience and any 'custom sins' you might have, then after confession (purportedly) wipes the slate clean so no one sees your transgressions."

Dowd begins the column with this most appropriate prayer:
Our Father, who art in pixels,
linked be Thy name,
Thy Web site come, Thy Net be done,
on Explorer as it is on Firefox.
Give us this day our daily app,
and forgive us our spam,
as we forgive those
who spam against us,
and lead us not into aggregation,
but deliver us from e-vil. Amen.
I wonder how much hate mail this will spawn. Read the column here. It's a hoot. Dowd ends her piece with this pithy observation: "At least we know now that Nietzsche was wrong. God isn’t dead. His server may be down though." Heh.

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