Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When no means no

Memo to the Press: What part of "I'm not running" don't you understand? That's the basic message Republican Gov. Chris Christie delivered today to quell rumors he’s about to launch a presidential bid. Desperate for a new shiny object, the chattering class is hyperventilating over the prospect. Except it ain't gonna happen. In a speech before the American Enterprise Institute, the rising GOP star jokingly said, "Apparently I have to commit suicide to convince people I'm not running." Sure, Christie said, he sees a theoretical path to victory but "that's not a reason to be president . . . You have to believe in your heart and soul and mind that you are ready and I don't believe that myself right now." I actually believe him. Christie, 48, has been New Jersey governor for less than 2 years. Quitting would be foolhardy and, unlike a certain wannabe from Alaska, he appears to be blessed with horse sense. Apropos to the media fixation, it’s telling that the GOP is pushing the Christie narrative, too. That's not exactly a vote of confidence in their likely 2012 presidential field, is it?

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