Friday, February 4, 2011


I continually marvel at how Hollywood can spend gazillions on big-time directors, top acting talent and sophisticated production and STILL end up with a really, really bad movie. And then, learning nothing, it repeats the cycle with the next new movie. How does that happen? I'm starting to think that truly great films are simply flukes; fortuitous accidents that happen once in a blue moon. Anyway, the latest clunker coming to a theater near you is "Sanctum," a 3-D thriller about underwater caves, or something. The LA Times says the film uses James Cameron's dazzling "Avatar" technology, but "the gee-whiz factor is overwhelmed by the oh-jeez writing." Thoroughly unimpressed (and unable to resist the forthcoming diving metaphor), the reviewer concludes that the movie has a "serious case of the bends." So does this review.