Friday, November 4, 2011

What passes for journalism

So there I was, perusing POLITICO's front page, when I spied this news story: "BEN STILLER IS DISAPPOINTED IN OBAMA." Stop the presses. That's right, Mr. Zoolander himself thinks "we haven't seen more bold decisions" from the president that he and most of Hollywood helped to put on the proverbial cross in 2008. Now, upon learning that Mr. Obama is mere flesh and blood, Stiller lamented to CNN’s Piers Morgan that it's "been frustrating to see that we haven't gotten further than, I think we would have hoped, in the last few years.” Never mind the villainous role that the Republicans ― guest-starring as Darth Vader ― have played in this ongoing American drama. To be fair, Stiller acknowledged that being president must be kinda hard. “You know, being president is something I would never in a million years want,” he said. Yes, thank God for that. So why does POLITICO deem it vital that you know what this rich A-Lister thinks about Obama and his body politic? Beats the hell out of me. Oh, POLITICO, you make this critique so easy. Heh.

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