Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sweet talk us some more, baby

Esquire's Charles Pierce pens a -- shall we say, colorful -- portrait of today's GOP in the wake of yesterday's Republican debate. "Then, somehow, the issue of immigration came up, and Newt suddenly found himself caught in the maelstrom that is the party he helped create, lo those many years ago — the party of mindless jingoism and barely disguised bigotry, empty of mind, vacant of soul, a pile of adjectives and talking points masquerading as a governing philosophy." Yowzer. This characterization is of course over the top, not to mention unfair. But, damn -- Pierce is one talented Romeo, politically speaking. He's clearly mastered the art of the rhetorical put-down. And the sound of his sweet nothings -- ah, ma chérie, zay are empty of mind, vacant of soul -- is music to Democratic ears. So, Charlie, quote us some more of that partisan poetry -- even if it is light years from being objective or even helpful.

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