Friday, November 11, 2011

Another inconvenient truth

Mark Salter, the former chief of staff to Sen. John McCain, unloads on PSU: "To protect their investment, officials at Penn State kept to themselves an eyewitness account of a former coach allegedly raping a child on its premises. They didn't report it to the police, leaving him free to do it again and again. This is infinitely more serious than the other [sports] outrages we're heard about lately. But it's of a piece: Kids don't matter, winning matters. Money matters -- and only money. Whether it's breaking up historic conferences and ruining traditional rivalries, to trading jerseys for tattoos (Ohio State), paying a future Heisman Trophy winner's parents (USC), or letting boosters hand out cash to players (SMU, Miami and many other schools) or the unthinkable coverup at Penn State, there is a recurring theme: Values don't matter, NCAA rules don't matter, the law doesn't matter, common decency doesn't matter."

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