Friday, November 25, 2011

Got the Black Friday indecision blues?

It's Black Friday and you're standing in a way-too-crowded aisle at your local Tarjay (Target). Sweat is beading on your forehead. Drool slips unnoticed from your slackened mouth as you stare at the price tag of a gadget that you just gotta have. But suddenly you're paralyzed like a reindeer in the headlights: OMG ― Should I buy now or wait? Fear not, dear shop-a-holics, there's an app for that. The Ph.D-armed busybodies at e-commerce startup are now offering an iPhone app with its "price prediction technology," whatever that is. reports that it "lets users scan an electronic device in a store to learn whether its price is apt to fall and when the next model will likely come out." promises shopping nirvana and says their app will save customers an average of $54 per product, "ensuring you buy the hottest devices at the best prices!" Apparently, the app (which is free) has a 77% accuracy rate, or so its makers say. Color me skeptical, but I suspect those in touch with their inner Crazy Target Lady will love it.

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