Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some very good advice

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof argues, as I do, that President Obama "has done better than many critics on the left or the right give him credit for." After making his case, Kristof ends his piece ("President as PiƱata") with advice that is worth contemplating: "[T]hink back to 2000. Many Democrats and journalists alike, feeling grouchy, were dismissive of Al Gore and magnified his shortcomings. We forgot the context, prided ourselves on our disdainful superiority -- and won eight years of George W. Bush. This time, let's do a better job of retaining perspective. If we turn Obama out of office a year from now, let's make sure it is because the Republican nominee is preferable, not just out of grumpiness toward the incumbent during a difficult time."As a partisan, I hope most of us have his back come next November for the country's sake.

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