Saturday, April 7, 2012

Temperament, Tiger and talk

Amiable Fred Couples is tied atop the leader board with Jason Dufner at Augusta. But the story is all about Tiger. Columnist Thomas Boswell waxed poetically about how golf is about "talent, technique, tenacity" and, most importantly, "temperament." But he soon turns to Woods like a moth drawn to light. "Under pressure, his current temperament is precariously close to disintegrating. By the 16th hole, Woods had been reduced to a child." Yes, Tiger had another bad day, or bad for him anyway. He finished 3 over par in the second round of The Masters (ditto for today's round). Mere mortals wouldn't even make the cut for Augusta's parking lot. Still, it is amazing how Tiger continues to dominate news coverage. Now the storyline is all about his comeback -- cue the thunderclap -- after The Fall. Yes, Fred Couples is momentarily sailing atop the field. But sports writers, the TV networks and the PGA all owe thanks to Tiger's melodrama on the greens. Without it, few would be paying attention to this event -- or pro golf -- at all.

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