Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Boyz with guns at the Legislature

We Marines have an old saying: There's nothing more dangerous than an inexperienced Private with a carbine and a full clip of live ammo. Evidently, it's the same with some Arizona legislators, too. You see, one of the flock, Rep. Daniel Patterson (a Democrat no less) is being investigated for ethics violations. A late-breaking report alleges that he is predisposed to "hostile outbursts and erratic behavior." Since efforts to formally expel Patterson have thus far failed, he still has access to the Capitol chambers. In response, some legislators -- like Rep. Ruben Galleg (another Democrat) -- have begun packing heat at work. The bulges seen at the back of sundry suit jackets gave the game away. Gallego, an Iraq war veteran, brought his 9mm Glock in today. Now, I halfway expect these Dirty Harry antics from jumpy Republicans (and you can bet they're loaded for bear, too). But Democrats, et tu? Since few, if any, of our lawmaker-cowboys are trained in law enforcement (that's why the Capitol cops are there), what, pray tell, would a O.K. Corral-style shootout accomplish other than potentially raising the body count if (God forbid) somebody went "postal?" It's utter madness. Marines guide and temper their inexperienced enlisted ranks with leadership. I wish somebody would exhibit some (along with maturity) at the Legislature.

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