Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The sun of Romney is set

Yesterday, Mitt Romney swept the primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland, and DC to the utter surprise of -- nobody. Santorum, who was always destined for irrelevancy, is now there officially. Gingrich, who took up residence in irrelevancy-ville some time ago, has resumed his vanity book tour. And Ron Paul who? The GOP should spare us the theatrics and just crown Romney as the nominee (the position he's had a lock on since Day 1) and get it over with. Naturally, the blogosphere is awash in navel-gazing "Is it over?" stories today. Steven Benen saves me the trouble of opining: "For most of us, of course it's over, and it's been over for quite some time. ... More important than these results, though, is the larger context: the Republican Party has lost its appetite for this nomination fight, and has effectively demanded its completion. They don't love Romney, they don't trust Romney, and they don't even seem to respect Romney, but GOP officials are well aware of the fact they're stuck with him anyway," he wrote. Correctamundo. And this is the guy Republicans are running against the most charismatic (and wily) incumbent president in decades? As Shakespeare would put it, "The sun of Rome is set." Willard is toast.

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