Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hot with a chance of madness

The presidential elections? Ha! Who care about that? Here in Phoenix, all everyone is talking about is the weather. Daytime temps actually climbed into the triple digits last weekend. Yeah, 103. In April. My annual self-flagellation, Opus Dei-style, begins anew: Lord, why on earth am I still living here? I guess I need a better cattail whip because I'm clearly not getting through to myself. Anyway, the incessant weather talk is weird when you think about it. Sure, knowing about major storms in advance is a good thing. But 99% of the time, tomorrow's weather is mostly irrelevant to modern man or woman. Indeed, consider this paradox: When humankind needed weather info the most, the technology didn't exist to provide it. Today, when we need weather knowledge the least, technology floods us with it. The gods must be laughing.

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