Thursday, April 5, 2012

People, time to let it go

This is getting embarrassing. The Weekly Standard's Jay Cost, like a lot of pundits who just can't let go of the GOP primary, has officially entered the realm of grand delusion: "A win in Pennsylvania could in theory jumpstart [Santorum's] campaign, undo the tentative movement we saw toward Romney in Wisconsin ... and give Santorum a boost heading into the final leg of the contest. If that were to pan out, Santorum could argue – plausibly – that his late stage momentum gives him an equally strong moral claim to the nomination as Romney has." And heck, if the stars then align, Santorum could win the nomination, beat that despicable Obama, and become president-king of all the land. Amazing. Why, as Orwell famously asked, is it so hard for some folks "to see what is in front of one's nose?" Andrew Sullivan, too, thinks Cost's scenario for a Santorum comeback is "wildly implausible." About the candidate he writes: "One thing I've learned from watching these things over the years is that once you get a taste of that kind of power, it's very hard to let go." True, but that goes double for pundits.

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