Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rolling Stone should stick to rock stars

Rolling Stone got to sit down with President Obama for an interview. The questions were so-so. When they got to the "human interest" part, RS asked: "I heard you liked the TV show Homeland." Obama: "I did, it was a great show." Then, amazingly, RS asked: "In the show, a drone strike destroys a madrassa and provokes an assassination attempt on the vice president of the United States. What did you enjoy about it?" Um, WTF? RS might as well have asked, "Why do you enjoy watching people suffer and die?" Did the interviewer really think Obama would fall for this lame gotcha question? Obama replied: "What I liked was just real complicated characters ... It's a terrific psychological study, and that's what I enjoy about it." Perfect. Memo to Rolling Stone: You're not that good. And you're certainly not in Obama's league. Stick to Ted Nugent.

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