Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Obama might win handily

To be sure, it ain't over until the proverbial fat lady sings. But I will not be surprised if President Obama wins reelection in a walk. Andrew Sullivan is beginning to sense what my gut is telling me. He writes: "[Herman] Cain is a function, I think, of a deeper Republican reality. It has become a wing of the entertainment industry, and in that media-industrial complex, the money to be made is immense. You do not make that money or become a star in conservative circles by actually governing, by the process of compromise and negotiation with one's opponents, or by detailed policy knowledge. ... This is an entertainment company based around a religious identity politics and masquerading as a political party. Once you grasp that, you can see why a Mitch Daniels or a Richard Lugar or a Jon Huntsman are asterisks. They know things; they want to govern, not perform; and they are not in a permanent mode of marginalized and angry opposition. I'm beginning to wonder if the GOP is heading for a defeat they don't see coming -- even in an economic environment which should make the presidency theirs' for the taking."

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