Monday, October 24, 2011

Any questions?


  1. Obviously the maker of this "funny" picture has no clue as to what truth in advertising means...

    Osama has been dead since 2001

    went to war without the approval of congress! Unconstitutional move number one

    Second depression is only just starting

    signed into law the indefinite detention of american citizens.

    Murdered american citizens without giving them due process of law... again unconstitutional

    extended the patriot act... unconstitutional and a campaign promise he's lied about

    added more than 5 trillion in debt to the already enormous amount brought on by the second worse president of all times

    refuses to provide proof of his birth... the one he provided was fake

    has signed more anti-constitutional legislation into law than ANY other president in the history of the United States

    Sucks as bad as Romney and has the same backers as Mittens...

    Hasn't added ANY jobs compared to the ones that have been lost...

    and finally...

    HE SUCKS!!!

  2. not to mention GITMO, NDAA, ACTA, NOW CISPA...

    I could be here all day, but you head in the sand types bore me to death... You really should do some research prior to following without conviction.

    All hail to the CON-MAN in chief!!!