Saturday, October 15, 2011

The skinny on Perry

Joshua Green cuts to the chase: "[T]he swaggering governor says he’ll do for America what he did for Texas. Is that a promise or a threat?" Green writes that the "basis of Perry’s appeal is the idea that he is an uncompromising conservative, sure of what he knows. And what he knows best is that America would be a lot better off if it were a little more like Texas. 'We’re gonna translate what’s happened in Texas to Washington, D.C.,' Perry says. But look closely at Rick Perry’s Texas and it seems less like an answer to Washington’s problems and more like a reflection of them—rising poverty and unemployment, too many people without health insurance, serious long-term challenges, and not nearly enough revenue to meet them. Texas, like America, has postponed this reckoning, and confronting it will take leadership and a willingness to prepare for the future."

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