Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fight Night in Vegas

An apt summary of last night's GOP debate in Vegas -- a largely substance-free event -- by POLITICO's Roger Simon: "At its 26th debate in the last 36 hours - - or maybe it has just seemed that way - - the GOP field showed America Tuesday night it was capable. Capable of fussing and fighting and feuding. The candidates also showed they were full of it: Full of sound and fury signifying nothing. ... 'Oooooo,' went the audience in the hall. 'Oooooo,' went the TV audience at home. (I am guessing.) 'Hahaha,' went the audience at the White House. (I am guessing.)" It's also worth mentioning that if you asked the average American about this GOP reality show, the response would be: "Debate? What debate?"

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