Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shoot the messenger. Leave the lie.

I don't get worked up about Arizona Republic editorials because, well, that way madness lies. But their ability to spin a tale with full blinders attached can be wondrous to behold. The press, finally, is calling out the blatant lies and distortions that ooze from the Romney camp like toxic waste. And yet, on the GOP convention, the Republic today writes: "The candidates had important things to say. Getting lost amid the dubious contentions of uninformed fact-checkers is antithetical to a fair and honest debate." Hmm. I see. It's the Godfather Cannoli Gambit. But instead of "take the cannoli; leave the gun," it's "shoot the messenger; leave the lie." A grinning "Uncle Joe" Stalin would instantly recognize the tactic, even after a seventh shot of Stolichnaya. Affix blame to the truth-tellers (or any other menaces régime) to justify the figurative pogrom against them. The absolute temerity is Absolut, one might say. Granted, this is par for the course. But it still takes my breath away.

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