Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another fine mess

THE WHEELS have not yet come off the wobbling Romney campaign, but the bolts attaching them are getting awfully loose. Yesterday, in front of god and everybody, Mitt Romney showcased his own incompetence on foreign policy by questioning Obama's competence in these matters. Give the man credit. That's a neat trick, and a novel twist on the pot calling the kettle black. As the whole world knows by now, Romney chastised Obama for supposedly "apologizing" for American values as attacks against US embassy personnel broke out in Benghazi (where our ambassador was killed) and Cairo. Obama did no such thing. So Romney was either lying or just making shit up. And now everyone knows it. More ominous for Mr. Romney: even Republicans are questioning his fitness for the Oval Office. Worse, that narrative is taking hold in the news media. Talk about "another fine mess," as Hardy would put it. That sound you hear might be the life draining from the Romney campaign.

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