Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Will sexism ever die?

I've put John Edwards largely out of mind. In retrospect, this befallen Icarus was bound to fly too close to the dark sun of his own narcissism. Picking over the debris on display at his trial seemed pointless. Today, however, curiosity got the better of me. As everyone knows, top aide Andrew Young publicly claimed paternity of the baby his boss fathered with Rielle Hunter. This of course was a lie. Young's wife, Cheri, was in on the cover-up. Today she testified in court about the matter. Writing for the Daily Beast, "investigative journalist" Diane Dimond described Cheri Young this way: "The tiny Mrs. Young, dressed in a red-and-white patterned cotton sleeveless dress, commanded the jury's attention." In one sentence, Dimond reduced Young to a mere object. I doubt if Dimond is even conscious of her sin. Which, alas, is the problem.

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