Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Click me, baby

LA Times writer David Horsey is convinced that online newspapers will be just fine -- if they can avoid becoming "click whores." He writes: "Sure, any fool can get a lot of page views by running photos of cute kittens, funny dogs, hot cheerleaders and bosomy models in bikinis. It might bring in a lot of money. It might be read all over. But it would not be a newspaper.” Ditto for serious, digitized magazines, presumably. But the allure of prostituting for page views is strong. Not convinced? I give you this tweet from The Atlantic Wire, a digital subset of the venerable Atlantic magazine: "Introducing Politwoops, the place to find awkward tweets deleted by politicians (" Egads, talk about opening the digital kimono. Let's face it: The digital press wants to "love you long time," and they clearly can't help themselves.

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