Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Dance

IT'S HARD to believe Donna Summers, the disco diva who ruled the 70s, is dead. And she was 63, too? How could that be? I mean, weren't the 1970s, like, yesterday? In fact, LaDonna Adrian Gaines, Summer's real name, was born in 1948 in Boston. And her breakout hit, “Love to Love You Baby,” debuted 37 years ago in 1975. For those of us of a certain age, the word "yikes" comes to mind. On the other hand, we who were of dating age at the time could partake in the fruits of springtide with the abandon of Caligula as Summer's sultry vocals pulsated in the background everywhere. Remember, this brief epoch was pre-HIV and pre-Girls (the culmination of our cultural angst/panic since the 80s). The polyester and the disco balls were more than worth the price of admission. Trust me, if you weren't there, you missed it. RIP, LaDonna.

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