Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bangkok truth

I was wondering which journalist would muster the courage to say it publicly. Well, it's Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone. On the presidential election, he writes:
The people who work for the wire services and the news networks are physically incapable of writing sentences like, "This election is even more over than the Knicks-Heat series." They are required, if not by law then by neurological reflex, to describe every presidential campaign as "fierce" and "drawn-out" and "hotly-contested." But this campaign, relatively speaking, will not be fierce or hotly contested. Instead it'll be disappointing, embarrassing, and over very quickly, like a hand job in a Bangkok bathhouse. And everybody knows it.
I could be wrong, flat wrong, but I've long held this view -- minus the colorful Bangkok "hand job" analogy. Heh.

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