Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OTUS, my man!

Oh, great. ABC News is birthing a new website for politics. They've christened it OTUS (meaning "Of The United States"). The name is a play on POTUS which, among DC reporters, is short for President of the United States. Get it? To further confuse things, OTUS will probably be pronounced as "Otis" -- as in "Otis, my man!" from the infamous scene in Animal House. Anyway, Jake Tapper, the network's top political reporter, "promises that OTUS will flag both the 'urgent and the ridiculous,' offer games, display correspondents’ Twitter feeds, and create a stock market-style ticker that assesses the rising and falling worth of candidates with social media," according to Slate alum Jack Shafer. In other words, Fluff R Us. To regurgitate an old cliche, we need another political website like we need a hole in the head. But, whatever. There's still plenty of room in the media rabbit hole we're all plunging down together.

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