Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Go ahead, punk, make my day

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani told CNN that Mitt Romney may not be the best candidate to run against President Obama. “My gut tells me right now as I look at it that Gingrich might actually be the stronger candidate, because I think he can make a broader connection than Mitt Romney to those Reagan Democrats. You won't have this barrier of possible elitism that I think Obama could exploit pretty effectively,” Giuliani said. On the one hand, this "analysis" is coming from a former GOP candidate (and elite multimillionaire) who promptly flew his own presidential campaign into the ground in 2008. Ergo, only a fool would bet on Giuliani's "gut" instincts. On the other hand, if Hizzoner's viewpoint takes hold among Republicans and they select Newt as their 2012 standard bearer, they'll be popping champagne corks in the White House. Go ahead, GOP, make Obama's day.

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