Friday, December 9, 2011

Fair is fair

I too poked fun at Rick Perry for wearing a jacket in an anti-gay ad that appeared similar to the one worn by the gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. Hell, I just couldn't resist. But in fairness to the cowboy governor from Texas, I give you this from one of Andrew Sullivan's readers: "I'm not a fan of Perry, but I really gotta comment on the fun people are having with that jacket he's wearing in that new ad. Carhartt jackets are essentially THE working class's uniform, at least in the West. ... People who look at that jacket being worn by Perry and only see 'the Brokeback Mountain jacket' are showing a pretty large disconnect from this country's working class. Literally millions of Americans woke up this morning and put on that exact same jacket to go to work. Not recognizing that jacket from anywhere other than Brokeback Mountain says quite a lot." He's right. Guilty as charged.

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