Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let the hyperventilating begin

Romney's VP pick, Paul Ryan, is the Last Chance the political media has to make The Most Boring Presidential Race in History, well, less boring.

Lotsa luck.

If history tell us anything, it's that VP picks do not determine who wins the race. Remember how everyone went gaga over Sarah Palin, a made-for-TV matinee idol? McCain lost anyway. And Ryan, handicapped by having brains (and just possibly, a soul), is no Palin -- thank God.

Anyway, expect a flood of silly, hyperventilating stories like this one from Slate (my comments are embedded in brackets):
"The conventional wisdom [um, and 224 years of American history] is clear. Running mates can clearly hurt a presidential campaign [see Palin], but they really don’t make much of a difference in helping a candidate win [correctamundo]. But [you knew a "but" was coming] there are three big reasons why the Ryan selection could be different [aw shucks, just three?]. First of all, as Politico points out [stop -- Politico? The folks who put the hype in hyperventilate?], it changes Romney’s basic strategy about the race: Make it about Barack Obama [it already is about Obama, bro]. It also could vastly [repeat, vastly!] help Romney erase persistent doubts about his conservative credentials among some of the most important members of the GOP base, points out the Wall Street Journal [yeah, the I-hate-Obama crowd who will vote for Mitt by default and not get him any closer to winning]. And it virtually assures that the country’s fiscal challenges will take center stage in the campaign, writes the Washington Post." [Which is exactly what Team Obama has been salivating for all along. As the Road Runner would say, "Beep Beep!"]
We now return you to our regularly scheduled Olympics coverage.

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