Thursday, February 9, 2012

Earth to Mitt: No, the sky is not falling

Mitt Romney: "The nation is suffering. Three years into his four year term, 20 million Americans are out of work ... or are underemployed in part time jobs. Home values continue to go down. Foreclosures are at near-record record levels. Our national debt is skyrocketing–President Obama is on course to add as much debt by the end of his term as all the former presidents combined. ... President Obama’s recovery is not only anemic, it is one of the worst on record. The President made the recession worse and he made the recovery worse.”

In other words, the Apocalypse is nigh.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the Washington Post's Jonathan Bernstein notes: "Today’s economic news is that new claims for unemployment benefits have fallen again, with the four-week average now at the lowest point since spring 2008. That’s not all; the stock market is also at its highest point since spring 2008, and Gallup’s economic confidence numbers are also approaching post-recession highs."

In other words, the sky is probably not falling.

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