Friday, June 1, 2012

It's all good

In a shameless bid for free publicity, Ragan's PR Daily (the corporate flacks of Lawrence Ragan Communications Inc) has a list of "the decade’s most irritating words and phrases" that is making the rounds on the web today. Ragan nominates: It is what it is, Man cave, Amazing, Baby bump, Awesome, Whatever, Literally (pronounced “LIT-rally” ), Think outside the box, It’s all good, Process, Just a thought, and Virtual. In my book, "man cave" is probably the most egregious. To Ragan's list, I'd add "not so much", "cool" (which is waaaay overused), and the irritatingly ubiquitous "so" when a speaker uses the word to start a statement or soliloquy. It drives me crazy. The principal perpetrators are techies, academics, hipsters and (increasingly) political talking heads. Chalk it up to the lemming factor in the age of digital mass media.

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